Main Stand XRV 650 - 750 (RD03, RD04)

Central Stand (based on original) for : Honda XRV 650 Africa Twin RD03 ´88´89, 750 RD04´90 -´92

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Brand: MDN Special
€130 from €100 - –31 % up to –31 % €110 €90 from €90
Category: Africa Twin
Warranty: 2 years
Main Stand XRV 650 - 750 (RD03, RD04)
€130 from €100 - –31 % up to –31 %

Central Stand for Honda XRV 650,750 Africa Twin ( RD03 '88'89 - RD04 '90-'92)

Shape and fabrication based on original main stand. 

MiG welded in the fixture, sandblasted and powder coated.


Mounting bolt, spring and split-pin included.

This product is tested by many sattisfied customers.


You can buy aditional handle only for 20€ which is huge help to get the bike on the stand.

It is worht it !

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