About us

Who are we ? 


    MDN Special s.r.o. was born out of passion for motorcycles, especially Africa Twin !
Experience started in North Italy few years ego. Ihad a pleasere to take a place in Cavaocci offroad team.
This opportunity was given to by my friend and great man Mirco. 
There were 5 RD03s to be reconstructed and prepared for trip from Italy to Mongolia. One of them became mine.



Africa Twin 650 is already quite old lady and some parts which we needed, were impossible to find.
I am mechanical engineer and all of my friends are very skilled and experienced craftsmen.
First component born, was clock sealing for Africa Twin 650, almost all ot them are deteriorated by years and impossible to find.

3D CAD projection -> Right material -> Right technology -> Trial runs ->  and the perfect replica of original part war ready for 650 :)

After sponge surrounds came main stands, pegs, radiator guards, pro-link collars...




Components we produce are mostly rare, requested by riders or just parts we love to have on our bikes.

For example, first MDN Foot Pegs were created as well for Africa 650 in order to have wide footpeg, robust, in decent design and

made of quality material.



We saw, that those are atributes which people want and so we took it as our code :

- use of know-how and experience

- quality materials

- best technologies

- decent design 

- make customer sattisfied

And the most important thing is to enjoy the work, becuse this is why we do it !


MDN Special.



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